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June 17, 2019
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Bitcoin Price Prediction | Bitcoin Boost upto $30000 | B2B | Blockchian

Bitcoin bubble or boost: $30,000 – Bitcoin price prediction 2018 from a financial analyst . Bitcoin price BOOST: Cryptocurrency to soar above $30,000 in 2018, according to analyst. BITCOIN has received a price boost after its recent turbulent period, with a financial analyst predicting it could jump up above $30,000 in value in 2018. Bitcoin has experienced a rocky month amid reports of tougher regulation leading to a mini market crash.

Imran Wasim, a financial analyst at AMSYS Group, told News BTC he was far from downbeat, predicting cryptocurrency will become “more mainstream” in 2018.

It has dropped in price, this is good. He added: “It has dropped in price, this is good.

“A lot more money is going to come into bitcoin, bitcoin will go up around $30,000-$35,000 this year – next couple of years? $100,000.” While revealing he had “no idea” when the price could shoot up, Mr Wasim added: “It is going to happen, because of its a store of value.”

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, the founder of cryptocurrency brokerage BitcoinBro, said bitcoin is simply experiencing “growing pains” as the marketplace matures.

You refereed to regulatory setbacks but I think these are regulatory steps forward.

South Korea’s stance on making sure that the exchanges know who they’re dealing with is a very positive step. But it did have a hit on bitcoin.

He said the regulation of bitcoin and its changing price was a sign of the market “growing up”.

Mr Landsberg-Sadie added: “I think the regulatory environment is one of few factors contributing to this correction, which I see as a very healthy correction.

“It’s a sign of the market growing up and it’s recognising that cryptocurrencies are not a tool for money laundering or illicit use.

As Bitcoin growing back again in 24 hours $500 , Can expect by end of Dec 31st $10000-$20000

Bitcoin Price 17th December 2018
Bitcoin Price 17th December 2018


source : https://smartereum.com/2754/bitcoin-bubble-or-boost-30000-bitcoin-price-prediction-2018-from-a-financial-analyst-btc-forecast-news-tue-dec-18/

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