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July 16, 2019
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Cryptocurrency Adoption – Bank Of America, Kyoto, Florida, Miami,Japan, Ukraine.

With every passing day, there are more options to pay with crypto – or to use blockchain in the real world, even outside of cryptocurrency payments. Adoption is slowly but surely creeping in, and while governments and giant financial institutions are working on regulations, many citizens are already opting for crypto because they recognize its perks for their businesses.

Although a lot of adoption comes from Japan – already well-known for their openness towards new technologies – there is also an enviable number from cities such as Kiev, Kuala Lumpur or Negombo.
At consumer electronics retailer Bic Camera in Tokyo, sometimes you have to queue to pay with Bitcoin… and sometimes there is an elderly gentleman in front of you. Additionally, according to local reports, you get a 15% discount, payments need zero confirmation, and the network fees are negligible.
According to Reddit user ubinkleybloom, this was a present from the baby’s grandparents – giving the baby a good chance to get richer as time goes on.

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