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October 20, 2019
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E-commerce, Transportation, Payment wallets, hotel/accommodation/cinema booking, local food and provision delivery services enabled by mobile apps are now familiar to most urban citizen and increasingly smaller towns as well.

Global products like IBM Watson already provides a range of medical services across countries including treatment recommendations based on patients records.

But within India, well known products in healthcare such as Practo, Porte, Lybrate, etc. professionals to patients in ways that makes it easy to reach the right person  from the comfort of your home.

Apps like Byju’s are making high quality educational content and services easily accessible at highly affordable costs. Similar established products albeit in smaller numbers exist in the agriculture sector too.

But there are more new exciting  efforts in the pipeline in social sectors like healthcare, agriculture, fintech / financial inclusion that hold  the promised of scripting India’s future, riding  on the back of and reinforcing the Digital India Program.

Some example would sufficient to convey a sense of the range of innovation and extent of changes being ushered in by these young innovators and chance leaders. Medicea Technology solution is building a tech driven pharmaceutical distribution business  with next  generation anti-counterfeit technology using private  blockchain.

Artoo has built an intelligent leading system specifically designed for Micro Enterprise  leading.

Dheeyantra has built a product that enables vernacular interactions and engagement with end customers using AI and NLP.

Inform  DS Technologies has built Doxper as AI powered product that enables doctors to instantly digitize prescriptions and clinical notes using a digital pen and encoded  paper.

Krishi Hub is a free Al-powered mobile app that enables farmers  to make data-driven decisions and supports 8 local languages and is  currently being used across 17 states.

DeepMind mines through medical records, analyses digital scans of the  eye to diagnose eye disease.

AI and Internet of medical Things (IOMT) are transforming health care similar transformations in the agriculture sector through technology interventions that enable precisions farming, early warning of pest attack in cotton farming for example are available AI-Powered systems  to lower risks and costs while increasing productivity.

IT is interventions like  these and hundreds of other such innovations that are going to help deliver  desired  outcomes like doubling farmers’ incomes, health coverage for the poor through Ayushman Bharat similar Programs.

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