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Leading the Indian Retail Market-Blockchain Revolution- Nucleus Vision

Leading the Indian Retail Market and Blockchain Revolution-Nucleus Vision

Since India has a lot of potential in becoming a global force, the growth of Nucleus Vision needs the support of a blockchain ecosystem that will enable them to obtain the most successful products in greater volumes.

Nucleus Vision carried out a large scale event and a launch in 2018 and also has significant plans for 2019.

The International Blockchain Congress

They co-hosted the International Blockchain Congress in 2018 with NITI AaYog (Indian Government Policy Group), Telangana and Goa State Government. The event was held in Hyderabad on August 3rd and 4th and for the final 3rd day of the event, on August 5th in Goa. The event that they hosted had over 5000 representatives that coming from 11 countries and it made it the largest of Asia’s blockchain conference.

nCash Pay – A first in creating a global loyalty program

Nucleus Vision's Loyalty Programme
Nucleus Vision’s Loyalty Programme

In December 2018, they set in motion nCash Pay, a new payment system that would help sellers get nCash tokens from buyers. This method will increase the circulation of nCash. Owners of these tokens will be able to exchange them for on line products accepting nCash. These transactions will be an important first steps in making their loyalty program become global. They have also partnered with StarFeed and FLOGmail, both from Russia. This partnership will help nCash’s ease of use and nCash owners to become more valuable while at the same time helping StarFeed and FLOGmail to receive their fees and service costs in nCash.

Genesis Hack – 2019

Nucleus Vision wanted to create a community of more powerful blockchain developers in India, so they will be co-hosting Genesis Hack, the world’s largest hackathon. Over 500 blockchain developers from around the world have already registered to participate in the event. Developers will be put to the test in three different topics: blockchain generated protocol, dApp developing and deploying security solutions for the block chain solutions. The winner will receive a prize of $10 million INR.

Nucleus Vision set in motion in 2018, $40 million for the sale of tokens. The fund helped redirect and launch them from a start up business, into a fast growing business changing their previous focus to technology, market planning and organizational development.

Retail traction

Nucleus Vision's Retail Sector
Nucleus Vision’s Retail Sector

Nucleus Vision originally started with local supermarkets, department stores, fast food restaurants and exclusive brand store, all of which were covered into the offline retail formats. By partnering with 9 major Indian brands, they have been able to expand their presence.

During a demonstration period, their measurement of technology identified more than 200,000 unique customers and these customers showed purchase conversions and they became aware of this significant market value by partnering with retailers. In partnership with two of India’s major telecommunications companies, they were able to securely ask for information about the customers in the store. Therefore, getting important and valuable data about their customers.

Being able to strengthen their presence in India, they have also partnered with a Korean company, ZOYI Corporation. Through this partnership with ZOYI Corporation, they have been able to explore new ways to build up their online and offline analysis of their customers around the world.

The goal of Nucleus Vision is to take previously unavailable information about offline retail companies and have it come to light to emerging businesses. The result has been that the offline retailers in India have been able to take advantage and have gained greatly from their products.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This post is for information purposes only. To make decisions about the information you have just read and the information that you want to believe, you should ask the advice of an expert or further research the topic.

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